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Invited talk for David at the ATTO9 and at the COPIAMC-2023

In his talks, David discussed how attosecond photoelectron interferometry can provide information on the degree of coherence of electrons emitted in the photoelectric effect. He presented a comparative interferometric study in CH4 and CD4 molecules that shows how nuclear motion can reduce the degree of coherence of photoelectrons emitted from molecules. He further presented a novel interferometric technique that allows the tomographic reconstruction of the photoelectron quantum state and provides new insight into electron-ion entanglement in photoionization.

Title: Attosecond Spectroscopy of Pure and Mixed Photoelectron Quantum States


9th International Conference on Attosecond Science and Technology (ATTO9) in Jeju island, South Korea, 9-14 July:

22nd International Symposium on Correlation, Polarization, and  Ionization in Atomic and Molecular Collisions (COPIAMC-2023), in Toronto, Canada, 2-5 August: