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New publication in ACS Publications

New publication in Journal of Physical Chemistry A


The study presented here combines theoretical and experimental techniques to investigate the angle-resolved phases of photoionization processes induced by a two-color field comprising an attosecond pulse train and an infrared pulse. The experiment was performed in an ensemble of randomly oriented methane and deuteromethane molecules. We derived a general form for the angular distribution of photoelectrons (and time delays) in the two-color scheme In particulat, we demonstrated that the oscillatory component and the phase of the two-color signal can be effectively described by employing complex asymmetry parameters.


The results have been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A:

D. Ertel et al. JPCA (2024)


ertel-jpca-2024 en

Figure 1: a) Photoelectron angular distribution  meaasured in the photoionization process in the CH4 . b) Comparison of the evolution of the atomic phase in photoionization extracted from the experimental data and the theoretical simulations for different photoemission angles.


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