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New Publication in Science Advances

We recently demonstrated that nuclear dynamics can notably affect attosecond photoelectron interferometry, by investigating the two-color photoionization in an isotopic mixture of methane CH4 and deuteromethane CD4. The experiments, conducted in the high-repetition rate attosecond laboratory, evidenced a variation of the amplitude of the sideband oscillating depending on the specific isotopic species. After the absorption of the photons from the two-color field, an ultrafast nuclear dynamics occurs in the two molecules on a timescale of just few femtoseconds. Due to the isotopic substitution, the dynamics is faster in methane with respect to deuteromethane, leading to a variation in the generation of the two-color signal. The tiny variation was observed thanks to the excellent stability of the attosecond source, which allow for extendend acquisition times.

The results have been published in the journal Science Advances:

D. Ertel et al., Science Advances 9, eadh7747 (2023).